Chapter 1:  Introduction

            According to wikipedia, the odds of winning the California Mega Millions Lottery are one in 10,068,347,520.  The probability of picking all 6 consecutive numbers correctly is 49!/(49-6)!, which turns out to be 10,068,347,520.

            In this proof of concept, I will analyze the data that I downloaded from www.calottery.com on 7/6/2015.  The data consist of 6 winning Mega Millions drawing numbers from each drawing dated back from 6/24/2005 to 7/3/2015.  I will try various mathematical methods to minimize the risk of losing money in the lottery in my data analysis using Hadoop.  At the same time, I will prove the concepts I learn from Hadoop Developer class, using MapReduce, Pig, HIVE, Sqoop, and Hbase.  Below is a diagram of the Hadoop blocks that I will explain in the following chapters:

 Figure A:  Hadoop Proof of Concept Block Diagram


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